Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.0 Engine Overhaul/Swap
Below are pictures taken while doing an Engine Swap on my 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 2.0 420a
August-September 2006
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420a engine block pictures
Cylinder Head Installation
Pictures of the transmissions
oil,water pump,crankshaft timing marks
Head components
Harmonic Balancer

  I started with a used up 95 Eagle Talon ESi.

Unbolted, unplugged, and labeled everything I could find.

Removed the transmission.

Carefully... Ripped the engine out, and mounted it on a stand.

Got a better junk car, my Mitsubishi Eclipse. Removed the hood.

Ripped the blown engine out and salvaged what I could.

Notice the Hole in the block where it blew up. WOW!

Below is the Eagle Talon 420a engine block that I will put into the eclipse.

Side by side comparison of the block top surface before and after cleaning.

I Cleaned and taped the block. Prepared for painting.

Painted surfaces with high temperature engine paint.
Allowed the paint dry, then recovered surfaces as necessary
 to trim remaining parts. Water pipes, brackets, and dipstick.

Side by side pictures of the 420a engine before, during, and after painting.

Painted some accessories as well. Belt tensioner pulley,
exhaust heat shields, and brackets shown here.

Took a break to let the paint dry. My helper... took a nap.

After all painted surfaces were dry, I began to reassemble the engine.

[Front view of block]
Here you can see the oil pump, water pump, and crankshaft timing marks.
The picture in the middle shows the new water-pump.
Re-cleaned the surface of the block before installing the cylinder head.

Cylinder Head Installation

When bolting the cylinder head to the engine block, followed torque specs and sequences carefully.

Head components

It is suggested that you buy a new set of head bolts,
the old bolts are likely to be stressed or stretched.
A new set is cheap compared to the problems that could arise if the bolts fail.

 New Head Bolts

 When  head components are removed, make sure to keep them in order. They must be replaced in their original positions.

Coated all head components, and cam journals with assembly lube.
Installed the lash adjusters in their respective locations.

Then the rocker arms, with lube on the tips and seats.


Coated cam lobes with assembly lube, and placed
them in their original locations.

With the cams in place, I temporarily installed the cam gears,
and aligned the cam gear timing marks.
If the cams are not in the correct position, damage may occur when the caps are fastened down.

Coated the cam caps with assembly lube.
This will help prevent damage to the journals.

Tightened the cam caps, following the required sequence and torque specifications. Used sealant as required on the outer #1 and #6 bearing caps.

Below is what it looked like when complete.

Here I placed towels in the spark-plug cavities to help prevent trash from getting into the cylinders. Maybe not the best idea though, paper fibers may fall into the cylinder.

If you have to stop working, your MUST cover all components
to ensure trash does not get into the engine.
Some plastic bags and tape worked fine for me.

Installed the valve cover and gaskets, with sealant.
Tightened valve cover bolts following the specified sequence and torque specs. Installed cam position sensor
[middle picture].

Replaced the previously removed timing components.
Aligned the timing marks accordingly, and installed a new timing belt.

Plunger type timing belt tensioner.

Installed intake manifold, fuel rail, injectors, and coil pack.

Stepped back to see how things were going.

Chance of Success?  80:20 ?

Clean the engine compartment before putting the motor back into the car. In these photos, its not clean.

Pictures of the transmissions I removed from the cars.



2 Clutchs and a Flywheel

1 piece clutch. Riveted together.

Harmonic Balancer or Driveshaft pulley.

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