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Please note: Information on this page does not cover all aspects of a transmission removal, and should not solely be used to attempt this procedure. For use as reference only, mostly for rookies like myself.

MSLA is not responsible for damages you do while working on your car.

Removal Steps Here

420a Transmission Removal steps.

Steps w/Photos Here
Removal steps w/Pictures.

All Photos Here 
  420a Transmission Removal Pictures.

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 2.0 Non-Turbo 420a MTX

With the rear wheels blocked, and front of vehicle supported safely on jack stands:

Note: It is a good idea to change clutch components, while the transmission is out of the vehicle.
All Related Photos

Various pictures taken during the transmission removal.

420a Transmission Removal Steps with Pictures
Remove Battery and tray, air-cleaner, and air-intake assembly.
Remove cotter pins, and shift cables.
Disconnect Electrical connectors for back-up light and speed sensors

Support the engine (Hoist or Blocks)

Remove front and rear roll stoppers and cross member  
Remove upper transmission mount

Remove transaxle upper mounting bolts
Remove clutch release cylinder. Do not disconnect lines unless you must.
Disconnect all ground wires  
Drain transaxle fluid  
Remove the drive axles.
Below are some pictures of the suspension arms, passenger side.


Pictures of Drive Axles

Wheel hub-nut removal.

Support the trans-axle.  Preferable with a transmission jack.
Remove the bell-housing cover

Mark the Drive-plate and Clutch in relation to their position, so that it can be installed in the same position.
Unbolt the drive-plate from the clutch housing.
(This clutch is different from a conventional/normal clutch)

Remove the remaining bell-housing to engine bolts

Make sure everything is disconnected from the transmission...  
Move the transmission away from the engine enough to clear the input shaft, and lower the transmission out of the vehicle

Inside view of transmission and clutch

Transmission top view.

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